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Fresh & Chilled

Your palette of fresh flavours for colourful cooking: rich, chilli-spiked Ezme Paste, lustrous olives, herb-packed pesto pastes and Zhoug, piquant Green Guindilla Chilli Peppers, delicately dressed Grilled Aubergines, mellow wood-roasted Piquillo Peppers, tangy-sweet Balsamic Borettane onions. All expertly selected ingredients from across the Mediterranean and Middle East.

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Nut Free Pesto


Usages: Classic stirred into pasta of most kinds Add to breadcrumbs to coat chicken breast/thighs Stir through yoghurt and serve with roasted vegetables Loosen with more olive oil and use as a dressing for salad

Pitted Gordal Olives


Gordal roughly translates as 'little fat one' in Spanish, an obvious reference to its size. These are grown in Andalucia where over 30,000 hectares are devoted to this one cultivar. They are also known as Bella di Spagna" "Morcal de Limon" and...

Balsamic Borettane Onions


Borettane onions preserved in Balsamic vinegar for a beautiful blend of sweetness and acidity. The Borettane is a mild, sweet Italian pearl onion that is flat, almost saucer-like in shape. They are harvested, then washed, peeled and quickly blanched,...



Finest grade cornichons, grown in Spain. Sitting somewhere between sweet and acidic, cornichons have a delicate flavour all on their own. The crunch also offers a textural difference that enhances both foods. A traditional accompaniment for...

Nocellara del Belice - XL


Crisp, lush green Sicilian olives; this singular varietal serves as the strongest reminder that olives are indeed a fruit. A proud winner of two Great Taste stars from the Guild of Fine Foods, Nocellara is the perfect table olive - especially in this...

Pitted Ilios Olive Mix


Appropriately named after the Greek word for sun - ilios. This mix contains pitted Chalkidiki olives grown in the sun-drenched hillsides of Greece mixed with tree-ripened purple olives. The large, firm to the bite texture of the Chalkidiki provides a...

Pitted Vinci® Olives


Big, green, crisp Chalkidiki olives with peppers and mushrooms. Our top-rated olive mix at the Great Taste awards, with savoury notes from herbs de Provence and garlic. One of the original mixes in the Belazu stable, back when we were known as...

Italian Olive Mix


Four classic Italian olives in one bowl, offering an interesting contrast between flavours and textures:  Huge green Bella di Cerignola from PugliaSmall, purple Nostraline from PugliaLarge, bright, green Nocellara from SicilyPurple Giarraffa from...

Mixed Pitted Olives


Uslu and Beldi olives in a classic herbes de Provence dressing. The herbs add a distinctive fragrance, but without overpowering the taste of the fruity Uslu and the clean, crisp Beldi. Simple but highly effective, we think.Storage: Chilled

Pitted Kalamata


Superior-grade Kalamata olives in a red wine vinegar brine and no stones. Named after the city of Kalamata, these well-known Greek table olives are soft and fleshy to the bite, and full of fruitiness. Very distinctive, they are much loved much-loved...

Semi-Dried Tomatoes in Oil


Turkish tomatoes, semi-dried and preserved in oil with oregano and garlic. Our Turkish tomatoes are semi-dried to boost their naturally sweet flavour and rich umami, along with the acidity kick that really good tomatoes have. Usages: Finely chop...

Martini Olives


<p>Very large Greek olives, crisp-textured with a clean, slightly&nbsp;salty flavour. The King of dirty martinis, plain and simple.</p> <p>It is believed that Franklin D Roosevelt invented the dirty martini, adding a splash of olive...

Pitted Cuquillo Niçoise


Intensely aromatic olive with aniseed notes and a pleasant touch of bitterness with no stones. Grown in Spain, these small purple olives are carefully produced in small batches, fermented slowly and naturally in barrels of brine over several months, so...

Sun-Dried Tomatoes (A grade)


Italian tomatoes salted and dried the old fashioned way for a bold umami taste. Field-grown tomatoes are harvested ripe, then sized, halved and salted. They are left to bask on nets in the glorious Puglia sunshine for a few days until their texture...

Lemon, Basil & Mint Olives


Graded Beldi olives in a lemon, basil and mint marinade. We crack the olives to allow the aromatics to infuse into the flesh, imparting a refreshing herbal citrus flavour throughout the fruit.In Greek mythology Minthe was a Nymph from Mount Mintha...