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15 Ways to use Sicilian-Inspired Pesto

Created in collaboration with Angela Hartnett, this pesto boasts a complex flavour profile underpinned by Sicily's heritage & influenced by North African flavours from its historic Arabic rule. The pesto combines saffron, capers, and raisins, all staple ingredients in many of Sicily's iconic dishes.

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15 Ways to use Sicilian-Inspired Pesto

1. Spread it over grilled fish

2. Stir through butternut squash risotto

3. Make a Dressing

for a bitter leaf salad

4. Stir through pasta

5. Make Arancini

6. Stuff aubergines

7. Use to thicken soups

8. Add a twist to Moules Frites

9. Use in a biriyani

10. Add to a winter tagine

with root vegetables

11. Mix with meat in a pastilla

a Moroccan pastry

12. Use in dips

To add a savoury-sweet twist

13. Drizzle over baked figs

14. Marinate winter veg, fish & meat

15. Infuse doughs

for focaccia