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Middle Eastern Ingredients

Bringing together the sweet and sour, fire and fruit of the eastern end of the Mediterranean and beyond, brimming with Great Taste award-winners like our fiery signature Rose Harissa and Preserved Beldi Lemons (both winners of 3 stars), our fresh, herby Zhoug or smoky, citrussy Tagine Paste, as well as Siyez, a versatile golden bulgur grain, dried and ground to traditional methods in Turkey.

Rose Harissa


Award-winning and incredibly versatile, Belazu Rose Harissa has been a kitchen cupboard staple in the UK for over 20 years. With a complex blend of spices and rose petals, it provides a slow-burning chilli heat perfect for any dish. Use Rose Harissa to...

Sour Cherry Molasses


Sweet, bright and fruity syrup with a long lasting flavour. A blend of the beautifully dark red Kutahya and Katirli sour cherries creates a sweetness and pleasant tartness. The concentrate is carefully heated in small batches to retain its sweet, tangy...

Pomegranate Molasses


Rich, vibrant and tangy syrup with a balanced sweetness. Known for its quality and taste, the Hicaz pomegranate variety is blended with wild Katirbasi pomegranates for a strong and fresh flavour. The concentrate is carefully heated in small batches to...