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Rice, Pasta & Pulses

The difference in our grains is all in the detail. The reason we source our lentils specifically from Castelluccio di Norcia in Umbria, for example, is that the high-altitude climate and soil produces a thin-skinned lentil that is easier to cook and more tender. Our 100% durum wheat Sardinian pasta is dried slowly to retain its ‘al dente’ bite and absorb more flavour from its sauce. Our Spanish chickpeas are cooked in soft water so they hold their natural flavour. 

That’s why our grains, pastas and pulses are so popular with top chefs, and why our Barley Couscous, Venus Black Rice, Arborio Risotto Rice, Carnaroli Risotto Rice and Siyez have all won Great Taste awards.

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Made in the Ribera de Navarra and cooked in soft water to retain their natural flavour, these perfectly seasoned chickpeas are good enough to eat from the jar. They possess a soft and creamy texture, while still retaining a natural bite.Usages Use...

Barley Couscous


Deliciously nutty high fibre couscous with a bit of bite, and a much heartier flavour than its hard wheat counterpart. Won a Great Taste star in 2012.Ever wondered what the difference is between pasta and couscous? Well with pasta, you cook in water that...

Butter Beans


Judion White Butter Beans are one of Spain's most loved beans due to their size and flavour. They are gently cooked to preserve their shap and extra thin skin, resulting in a delicately soft bean with a buttery & creamy flavour.   Usages: Add...

Dried Gigli Pasta


<p>The word 'Gigli' translates to 'lily', a name owed to the unique shape of this delicious pasta. Made in Sardinia, using 100% Italian Durum wheat, this pasta is dried&nbsp;at low temperatures to develop a unique flavour profile.</p>

Dried Strozzapreti Pasta


Strozzapreti is a hand-rolled pasta, typical of the Emilia-Romagna Tuscany Marche and Umbria regions of Italy as well as in the state of San Marino. Made in Sardinia using 100% Italian durum wheat this pasta is carefully dried at low temperatures which...

Dried Penne Pasta


Made in Sardinia, using 100 % Italian Durum wheat, this pasta is dried pasta at low temperatures to develop a unique flavour profile. Penne is perfect to pair with creamy and rich sauces, as it holds its shape well. 'Penne' loosely translates to 'quill'...

Dried Malloreddus Pasta


Made in Sardinia, using 100 % Italian Durum wheat, this pasta is carefully dried at low temperatures which is essential in achieving that al dente bite once cooked, while also developing a unique flavour profile. This small gnocchi-like pasta is a...

Dried Pappardelle pasta


Pappardelle is a wide, ribbon-like pasta, which is perfect when combined with rich meaty sauces. Made in Sardinia, this pasta is made using 100 % Italian Durum wheat, which is only used by a handful of producers. It is then carefully dried at low...

Dried Black Spaghetti Pasta


This classic pasta made from 100% Italian durum wheat gets its striking coloring from the addition of squid ink. Made in Sardinia, this pasta is carefully dried at low temperatures which is essential in achieving that al dente bite once cooked, while...

Venus Black Rice


The Venus of the title refers to the Greek god of love, fertility and beauty because black rice was considered an aphrodisiac by Asian emperors and their courts. This variety was created in 1997 by cross-pollinating an Italian risotto and Asiatic black...



A smaller lentil variety with a nutty taste, perfectly cooked to hold their shape. Usages: Use in a veggie bolognaise  Add to a grain salad  Make a sausage, roasted veg & lentil one-pot  

Wild Red Rice


Wild Red Rice is not cultivated, but grows spontaneously in marshland. The grains are extremely nourishing and rich in fibres. The rice remains slightly crispy once cooked, and is white once bitten in to. 

Umbrian Lentils


The plants grow to be between 8 and 16 inches in height and prefer moderate climates. The small round seeds of the lentil plants are enjoyed by many cultures throughout the world. Rich in vitamins, protein and mineral salts, lentils (of all varieties)...