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We’ve pushed pesto way beyond pasta - you have a blend on hand for every dish. Dress a summer salad with fresh, lively Pea & Mint Pesto, top bruschetta or grilled asparagus with creamy, summery Truffle & Artichoke Pesto. At breakfast, our Great Taste award-winning Rose Harissa Pesto will spice up scrambled eggs or smashed avocado. 

You don’t need much to make an impact. Just 2 tsp per 100g portion of linguine for a classic pesto pasta, or a spoonful of Tomato & Sage Pesto to enrich hearty soups and trays of roast winter veg. You can use a teaspoon or two of pretty much any of the pesto in our range in dips, dressings and marinades (particularly for chicken). 

All of them make great stand-alone condiments (try them in your favourite sandwich!) and many are vegan too.

Sub Categories

Pea and Mint Pesto


Fresh Mint and green peas blended with Italian basil, our Pea & Mint Pesto is nut free and perfect for pasta, or dressing fresh summer salads. The mint flavour remains subtle so as not to overpower the fundamental pesto recipe. It can be used as a...

Wild Mushroom Pesto


Earthy mushrooms with a rich and creamy mascarpone, for an easy way to add luxury to home cooking. Wild mushroom mix, creamy mascarpone, vegetarian hard cheese and a touch of luxurious truffle flavour. Usages: 1. Make an impressive Bruschettaa with...

Rose Harissa Pesto


Our award-winning Rose Harissa blended with sun-dried tomatoes. Sun-dried & semi-dried tomatoes combined with rose harissa give an exceptional flavour with a soft heat. Usages: 1.Bake into bread 2.Mix into a salsa with avocado for tacos 3.Coat a...

Nut Free Pesto


Usages: Classic stirred into pasta of most kinds Add to breadcrumbs to coat chicken breast/thighs Stir through yoghurt and serve with roasted vegetables Loosen with more olive oil and use as a dressing for salad

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto


The replacement of basil with rich sun and semi-dried tomatoes creates a distinctive pesto with a complex savoury character.Usages:Use alongside tomato pasteAdd to soups, stews, or ragu for extra flavourMix with roasted cherry tomatoes for a quick and...

Vegan Basil Pesto


A vegan take on our classic Genovese pesto, perfect for adding a fresh basil kick to recipes. A superb basil flavour with extra depth from added spinach. Pine kernals and garlic complete the experience. Usages: Fold through orzo pasta with red...

Tomato and Sage Pesto


Based on Sardinian flavour combinations, this is a nut free, warm, sweet blend of semi-dried tomatoes, pecorino and sage. The flavours work well straight from the jar, as well as  with winter vegetables, beans and soups. Usages: Add to a...

Premium Genovese Pesto


Parmigiano Reggiano, PDO Genovese basil, pine nuts and Extra Virgin Olive Oil join together to make it into the finest pesto with an exquisite umami-rich flavour. Grown by Mario Anfossi in Liguria, a region noted within Italy for the flavour of its basil...

Red Pesto


Our red pesto is made from Turkish tomatoes. Use it for crostini or savoury flans - its bright colour makes a good base for a colour contrasting toppings. Of course, you can toss it through pasta too, for a simple yet effective sauce.