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15 ways to use preserved lemons

Adding a refreshing citrus element to many dishes, our Beldi Preserved Lemons can perfectly embellish a range of recipes, from main courses to desserts. The recipes below are simple ways to discover the versatility of this exquisite ingredient.

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15 ways to use preserved lemons

1. Make a lemon curd

2. Make a relish

for fish

3. Add to a Tagine

for a classic Taste

4. Make Jam

5. Add to guacamole

for a zesty finish

6. Add to Stuffing

7. Coat your Fries

for a hint of lemon

8. Make a Vinegrette

9. Add to Hummus

10. Roast Cauliflower

11. Add a lemon kick

to pesto

12. Make Couscous

13. Blend into a paste

for cooking

14. add to falafel

15. Candy them

and use to top a cake