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15 ways to use Ve-du-ya

Join the Revolution! With incredible feedback and success with our trade customers, our vegan 'Nduja paste is now available for you to take home! Originally created with our friends at Pizza Pilgrims, our brand new vegan 'Nduja Paste is made from the same fermented Calabrian chillies and channels the classic flavour and taste of 'nduja paste. We want everyone to enjoy the fiery taste of 'Nduja, vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. No one misses out!

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15 ways to use Ve-du-ya


to a classic with a Ve-Du-Ya and cheese toastie

2. upgrade your burgers

Top them with a dollop of warm Ve-Du-Ya

3. Spice up your breakfast

Add a spoon to your scrambled eggs

4. Whip into mayonnaise

for a quick & tasty condiment

5. level up your garlic bread

Layer Ve-Du-Ya on the base

6. Spice up your seafood

Add a teaspoon to some seafood pasta

7. Spoon onto a pizza

Homemade or shop-bought for added flavour

8. Say Goodbye to boring fries

Toss in warm Ve-Du-Ya, finish with parmesan

9. Blitz into hummus

Gives an interesting dip for parties!

10. Re-vamp a classic

Beef Hash with a kick by adding some dollops of Ve-Du-Ya

11. dot on frittata

12. Coat on roast veg

Add honey for a sweet & spicy combo

13. Spread on bread

Try fried Ve-Du-Ya on Burrata

14. Stir into braised beef

15. Dollop on winter warmers

like a stew or a casserole