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15 ways to use balsamic vinegar

Found in professional kitchens across the country and enjoyed by home cooks too, our 1.34 Balsamic Vinegar is produced in Modena and is of the highest quality. Balsamic can often be neglected to only dressing salads, so we have compiled fifteen ways to use Balsamic Vinegar that will show you how versatile this ingredient can be. If you would like to know more about how Balsamic Vinegar is made and what differentiates ours from others, you can read our Balsamic Vinegar guide or sign up to one of our Balsamic Vinegar Virtual Masterclasses.

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15 ways to use balsamic vinegar

1. drizzle over ice-cream

2. make a vinaigrette

with extra virgin olive oil

3. drizzle over strawberries

4. add to a cocktail

for a sweet, sharp flavour

5. coat roasted potatoes

6. add to an antipasti board

with tapenades and fresh cheeses

7. drizzle over a tart

made with fresh fruit of the season

8. add to gravy

for an umami flavour

9. add to your baking

to make a salted caramel tart

10. add a dash to chutney

11. drizzle over a peach salad

with fresh mozerella

12. use as a bbq marinade

13. Drizzle over a caprese salad

14. add to a Bolognese

instead of red wine

15. drizzle over roast veg

with a little chilli and some olive oil