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15 ways to use mezze

Simple dishes can be enhanced by using our range of mezzes. The subtle flavors of aubergine, garlic, and paprika make this paste an ideal mezze or spread. Courgette Mezze is a delicious combination of grilled courgettes and lemon juice, combined with basil, garlic, oregano and a touch of chilli. In our newest Ezme Mezze, we've added sun-dried tomatoes, peppers, and pomegranate molasses for a rich, tangy flavor.

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15 ways to use mezze

1. Stir into Yoghurt

with some lemon zest and garlic

2. spread on a sandwich

3. dollop into a dressing

4. drizzle onto fish

5. spread onto bruschetta

with sliced tomatoes

6. use to make canapes

with fresh cheese topped with balsamic

7. add too an antipasti platter

with olives and crusty bread

8. stir into a risotto

with roasted aubergines

9. stuff into bacon-wrapped chicken

10. drizzle over eggs on toast

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11. add to a falafel mix

before frying until golden brown

12. use to marinade

on kebabs before barbequing

13. stir through mashed potato

with garlic and a little lemon

14. add to baba Ganoush

with tahini and Olive Oil

15. Add to pasta