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15 ways to use couscous

Our nutty high fibre couscous that has been awarded a Great Taste star in 2012. When it comes to cooking couscous it is easy to fall into the same pattern of only using them as a side or within a salad. These recipes will help for you to branch out and use your Barley or Giant Couscous in many more versatile and tasty dishes.

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15 ways to use couscous

1. Use in a tabbouleh recipe

with tomatoes, cucumber and fresh herbs

2. make a couscous salad

with avocado, cucumber and feta

3. make a frittata

with vegetables and a good glug of olive oil

4. fill whole tomatoes

as a starter

5. use as a crust for salmon

mix with fresh herbs and bake

6. serve with a tagine

7. use to make muffins

with roasted peppers and spices

8. have with breakfast

with fresh berries and coconut flakes

9. make into Burgers

mixed with vegetables and fry until golden

10. use to top tomato soup

for added texture

11. stir into Jambalaya

12. stir roasted vegetables into couscous

13. use as a bed

for roast lamb

14. add to one pot dish

with roast cauliflower

15. salmon, herb and couscous parcels

cooked inside baking parchment