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15 ways to use sour cherry molasses

Starting off with a delightful sweetness, which gradually unfolds into a tangy and sharp note, leaving a long-lasting taste of cherry goodness. Kutahya and Katirli cherries are used to get just the right balance, harvested in Turkey's fertile, rich Aegean region. There are so many easy ways to incorporate this versatile product into your dishes, and we've put some of them below.

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15 ways to use sour cherry molasses

1. Use in a dressing

for a tangy kick

2. Drizzle on cream cheese frosting

of a carrot cake

3. Add to an eton mess

with meringue and fresh strawberries

4. Use on a turkish kisir salad

instead of traditional pomegranate molasses

5. Spice up a cocktail

6. Use as a glaze for meats and veg

7. Stir through yoghurt

and fruit for a healthy breakfast

8. Use as a cordial

for a refreshing summer drink

9. Dollop over ice-cream

10. Add to a marinade

for a rich tangy sweetness

11. Add to a duck gravy

for that classic cherry combination

12. use to make a cherry tart

for extra cherry infusion

13. Add to stews & casseroles

for added balance and tartness

14. add to a crumble

with chunks of dark chocolate

15. Make a sour cherry sorbet