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15 Ways to use Zhoug

Zhoug is the most popular hot sauce in Israel, with its bold herbal flavours of coriander, cloves, parsley and a kick of green chilli. Often called Schug, Zug, or Zoug, the green paste is incredibly versatile and works especially well in marinades for chicken, lamb and shellfish. We have put together a guide of fifteen of our favourite simple recipes that use Zhoug, so scroll down and take inspiration from our Zhoug recipes!

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15 Ways to use Zhoug

1. Spoon over roasted vegetables

for the perfect side dish

2. Mix in with yogurt

for a flavoursome dip

3. Top onto a frittata

for an appetizing breakfast

4. create a vinaigrette

by mixing with oil and lemon

5. Spoon onto fish

for a burst of flavour

6. Mix into Hummus

with a swirl of Olive Oil

7. Spread over cauliflower

ready to dip into hummus

8. slather over chicken

for an easy marinade

9. Brush over kebabs

make with diced lamb and vegetables

10. Use a condiment

for adding to burgers

11. Mix with cream cheese

for the perfect poached egg topping

12. add into falafel mix

for that extra kick

13. Drizzle over shakshouka

topped with feta and fresh herbs

14. Add to a grain salad

and add to the dressing too!

15. Spoon over curry

for that extra seasoning