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Fig Leaf Vinegar


Fresh fig balanced with acidity gives way to notes of almond and toffee. Our new Fig Leaf Vinegar is sourced from Spain where it is carefully aged in oak barrels. Usages: Use to dress vegetables and salads, especially where fig is a nautral partner,...



Superior-grade Kalamata olives. Named after the city of Kalamata, these well-known Greek table olives are soft and fleshy to the bite, and full of fruity flavour. A much-loved table olive - and ideal for making a standout fruity tapenade.The leaf of the...

Riesling Agridulce


A semi-sweet wine condiment, made with Riesling wine from Lonsheim, Germany, aged for at least 12 months in French oak barrels.Usages:In a dressing with honey and saffronMix with lemon juice and verdemanda and dress a tuna saladMix with water and sugar...

Petit Lucques


Oval-shaped green olives with a creamy, vanilla flavour that some compare to avocados. A delightful table olive, the perfect partner for sparkling wine and highly regarded by true gourmets and olive connoisseurs. Almost universally thought of as the...

Roasted Buckwheat Kasha


Buckwheat is used like a grain but technically it is a fruit, as it is the seed of a flowering plant that is in the same family as rhubarb (Polygonaceae). Rich in complex carbohydrates, it is popular all over central Europe, and increasingly in London...



The world's most ancient grain, cultivated in Turkey for over 8000 years. It waited a long time to pick up its first Great Taste Award, commended in 2016 as being a 'versatile, golden grain that’s pleasantly sweet and chewy, with a good nuttiness...



Big juicy olives from Andalucia, with a firm bite and mild refreshing flavour. Gordal means the 'Fat One' in Spanish - it is a table olive with a profuse juiciness, but not bitter - it has an almost citrus-like taste on the palette. They are great...

Oporto Agridulce


This Great Taste star winner is a well-rounded, full-bodied agridulce with bold notes of dried fruit, especially raisin. Inspired by port wines it is made in Spain from wine vinegar sweetened with grape must, before being aged in oak barrels for one...

Organic Pons


100% organic single estate extra virgin olive oil from Catalonia, Spain. It is a complex finishing and dipping oil, where fresh grassy flavours are balanced with a delicate sweetness and a creamy, peppery finish.Produced by our long term olive oil...

Queen Green Chalkidiki


Classic supersize Chalkidiki table olives grown on the sundrenched hillsides of Greece. Juicy and fleshy with a mild fresh flavour and a clean finish.The Chalkidiki (Queen Green) olive takes its name from the area in which it largely grows.Storage...