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Italian Ingredients

Selected from a treasure trove of produce that runs from Sicily’s olive groves, bursting with the vivid, buttery Nocellara del Belice in the south, up to the pastifici of southern Sardinia, the Balsamic cellars of Modena, and the northern rice fields of Piedmont where our Carnaroli and Arborio risotto rice is grown - all lovingly made for you by our favourite Italian producers.

Elevate an antipasti board with small-batch semi-dried tomatoes from Puglia, grilled aubergines or tender Borettane onions, perfect the flavour and texture of pastas and risottos with superior quality grains, then finish dishes with a dash of our sweet, sticky 1.34 Balsamico di Modena or creamy Gaziello Mosto Naturale olive oil from Liguria.

Sub Categories

Venus Black Rice


The Venus of the title refers to the Greek god of love, fertility and beauty because black rice was considered an aphrodisiac by Asian emperors and their courts. This variety was created in 1997 by cross-pollinating an Italian risotto and Asiatic black...

Sun-Dried Tomatoes (A grade)


Italian tomatoes salted and dried the old fashioned way for a bold umami taste. Field-grown tomatoes are harvested ripe, then sized, halved and salted. They are left to bask on nets in the glorious Puglia sunshine for a few days until their texture...