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There’s no simpler way to bring instant colour, flavour and texture to your table than our ready-to-eat antipasti from across the Mediterranean and Middle East. 

Spread Black Olive or Roast Pepper Tapenade onto bruschetta with creamy goat’s cheese or ricotta, or pair Ezme Mezze with yoghurt and flatbread as part of a mezze spread. Serve our Apple Borettane Onions with mature British cheeses or pork pie, or Cornichons alongside rich patés and terrines.  

To elevate a classic Italian antipasto board of salami, prosciutto and cheeses, add delicately dressed Grilled Aubergines, grown in small batches in southern Italy, sweet Balsamic Borettane Onions or Balsamic Semi-Dried Tomatoes.

Sub Categories

Sun-Dried Tomatoes (A grade)


Italian tomatoes salted and dried the old fashioned way for a bold umami taste. Field-grown tomatoes are harvested ripe, then sized, halved and salted. They are left to bask on nets in the glorious Puglia sunshine for a few days until their texture...

Sweet Garlic with Chilli


Whole garlic cloves, cured to remove the harshness of the raw garlic. This leaves a sweet flavour without the assertive burn and pungent aftertaste of raw garlic, but retains all of its crunchiness. The cloves are then dressed in a chilli marinade, ready...

Salted Caper Non Pareilles


Salted Capers Non Pareilles have a fresher and more flowery taste and aroma. Being packed in salt, the Capers seem to keep their shape and firmness better. The unopened flower bud of the Capparis Spinosa shrub, these non-pareilles capers are wild,...

Ezme Antipasti


Grilled red peppers are mixed with both semi and sun dried tomatoes to create a rich, multi textured antipasti, which is coated with a dressing made from tart pomegranate molasses, chilli, mint and parsley.Usages:Use as part of a mezze platter or small...