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Browse our whole range, from Apple Vinegar to Zhoug. We’re proud to supply every single one of the UK’s leading kitchens and the products listed here are the same as those being used in top-rated restaurants all over the country. Our pastes, condiments, spice mixes, oils, vinegars, grains and snacks hold over 140 great taste stars between them. Our signature Rose Harissa and Truffle & Pecorino Nut Mix are even among the chosen few to receive three stars each, so if you’re new to the range, try one of them first.


Pitted Cuquillo Niçoise


Intensely aromatic olive with aniseed notes and a pleasant touch of bitterness with no stones. Grown in Spain, these small purple olives are carefully produced in small batches, fermented slowly and naturally in barrels of brine over several months, so...

Pitted Kalamata


Superior-grade Kalamata olives in a red wine vinegar brine and no stones. Named after the city of Kalamata, these well-known Greek table olives are soft and fleshy to the bite, and full of fruitiness. Very distinctive, they are much loved much-loved...

Cooking Paste Gift Set


A collection of our bold coriander Zhoug paste, chef’s favourite spicy Rose Harrisa paste, and the UK’s favourite Black Olive Tapenade blended with garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. Each bring a unique flavour to your dish and are a perfect...

Cabernet Sauvignon Vinegar


Single-varietal wine vinegar, made in Catalonia from locally-produced Cabernet Sauvignon wine quality grapes. It is carefully aged in French oak, using the solera method, which is the traditional method used to make sherry.Usages:Use it in salads, sauces...

Green Olive Tapenade


Our Green Olive Paste takes inspiration from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavours. We produce these versatile and authentic pastes ourselves. They are unpasteurised to deliver a fresh and vibrant flavour to many dishes.Usages:Spread on toast with...

Harissa Mayonnaise


We simply couldn't create a mayonnaise without using our signature ingredient. Creamy with an added Belazu kick, our new Mayonnaise is the perfect combination of spice & creaminess. Cumin and other spices from the Harissa create a spicy depth of...

Italian Olive Mix


Four classic Italian olives in one bowl, offering an interesting contrast between flavours and textures:  Huge green Bella di Cerignola from PugliaSmall, purple Nostraline from PugliaLarge, bright, green Nocellara from SicilyPurple Giarraffa from...

Luxury Hamper


A selection of our most luxurious speciality products and store cupboard essentials that have a collective total of 13 Great Taste Stars between them, presented in a handmade bespoke wicker hamper tied with a festive green ribbon. An excellent gift for...

Luxury Nut Trio


The ultimate snacking trio, ideal as a Christmas gift and pairs wonderfully with a holiday tipple.   What's included: Luxury Truffle & Pecorino Nut Mix Rosemary Nut Mix Smoked Chilli Nut Mix