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​From Chefs' Kitchens to Yours: Discover Why Chefs Adore Our Pesto for 20 Years.

Posted by Belazu on 2023-10-19

​From Chefs' Kitchens to Yours: Discover Why Chefs Adore Our Pesto for 20 Years.

Introducing our brand-new range of restaurant-quality, chilled pestos, now available in the chiller aisle in Sainsbury's.

Having sold fresh, small-batch pesto to the finest chefs for the last two decades, we decided it's high time we venture into the chilled retail category.

This all-natural trio has been developed using the same revolutionary production methods for our Foodservice range. This means we are able to preserve the vivid colour, flavour, and aroma of our pesto without resorting to pasteurisation or the addition of artificial colours or preservatives.

It doesn't stop there. Like the full range of ambient Belazu pestos, we have ensured that the new chilled range contains no fillers. So you won't find any potato flakes, starch, glucose syrup. They are also nut-free!

Our new authentic lineup includes:

Fresh Basil Pesto: 

Stays true to the original recipes of Italy. Basil dominates the flavour profile with delicious umami cheesiness from the Parmigiano Reggiano. Infuse butter and dough with an aromatic basil kick.

Red Chilli Pesto: 

With a spicy kick, but rather than only heat, it will take you on a spice journey. A spicy kick from cayenne and sweet fruitiness from Aleppo & Chipotle balanced with cheesy undertones. Brush over meat, fish or veg for an instant marinade.

Red Pepper Pesto: 

Using piquillo peppers for a sweetness with a hint of smoke. Stir into soups and stews or stir through labneh for a balanced dip.



Andrew Ritchie, head of product development, says:

"We're incredibly excited to launch this range of pestos that deliver intense flavour and bring a burst of colour to the chilled aisle. Having evaluated the market and researched current trends, we're confident that this range will give home cooks the chance to create luxurious, fuss-free meals that are full of flavour and replicate restaurant-quality dishes in their own kitchens. Our challenge is to help spread the word that this chef-grade pesto is not just for pasta. The three recipes are so versatile and can elevate weekday dishes as well as raise the bar for weekend masterpieces."

They are designed to add impact to any dish with minimal effort, and whilst they pair well with pasta, you can get creative by stirring it into soups and salads, infusing butter, doughs and dips, as well as adding the pesto to a casserole.



​From Chefs' Kitchens to Yours: Discover Why Chefs Adore Our Pesto for 20 Years.