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Oil & Vinegar

Flavour as good as this doesn’t come easy. Every bottle of oil & vinegar in the Belazu range is a blend of craftsmanship, experience, passion and graft. Our olive oil producers know precisely when to harvest, how to press the traditional way to preserve complexity, and the exact quantities needed to balance texture, aroma and taste. 

Techniques have been passed down within families, often through three or four generations. And our producers take their time. If a vinegar needs 10 years in oak casks or a slow fermentation method to deepen its flavour, we know that it’s worth it for the stickiest Balsamico di Modena or the most complex Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Orange Blossom Vinegar


The new Orange Blossom Honey Agridulce is one of our favourites. With subtle orange and fragrant honey, this is the perfect accompaniment to your summer menu.   Usages: Use to dress carrots and spring vegetables Enjoy over a walnut, chicory...

Fig Leaf Vinegar


Fresh fig balanced with acidity gives way to notes of almond and toffee. Our new Fig Leaf Vinegar is sourced from Spain where it is carefully aged in oak barrels. Usages: Use to dress vegetables and salads, especially where fig is a nautral partner,...

Vermouth Vinegar


Made using the schutzenbach method. Made from a locally produced Vermouth. See Badia vinegar. Made by a small family business in Catalonia, Spain. Usage: Use to make dressings  Deglazing pans for sauces