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Angela Hartnett's Sicilian-Inspired Pesto

Posted by Belazu on 2023-10-06

Angela Hartnett's Sicilian-Inspired Pesto

Introducing our latest vibrant pesto created in collaboration with Michelin-starred chef Angela Hartnett.

It pays homage to her Italian roots, boasting a complex flavour profile underpinned by Sicily's heritage influenced by North African flavours from its Arabic rule. The pesto combines saffron, capers, and raisins, all staple ingredients in many of Sicily's iconic dishes.

Angela Hartnett OBE, Chef-Patron at Murano, Café Murano and Hartnett Holder & Co., says:

"I've been using Belazu ingredients in my home and professional kitchens since I first opened Murano in 2008, and I'm always impressed by the team's passion to seek out the best ingredients and most interesting flavours. We have created this Sicilian-inspired pesto together to bring a taste of Italy into home kitchens and to share the joy of cooking in an easy-to-use pesto that will brighten up any dish. Simply add a couple of spoonfuls to Malloreddus or Orechiette pasta for an easy but impressive weeknight meal or dollop in a Caponata for a sweet twist on this Italian classic."

Daniela Gattegno, Head Innovation Chef at Belazu, says:

"Angela's Sicilian-Inspired Pesto is a celebration of our 20-year history of making pestos. We've been producing and supplying restaurants with fresh pestos since 2003, and we launched our first pestos into retail in 2019. This pesto brings our foodservice heritage to life and gives home cooks the opportunity to create chef-quality dishes in their own homes. We had a lot of fun creating this hyper-regionalised product and can't wait to see it on shelf."


This pesto is entirely vegan, promising to infuse a taste of Sicilian sunshine into your pasta, risotto, salads, and roasted vegetable dishes. It pairs exceptionally well with grilled fish and meats. Some of our top suggestions include:

- Elevating a Roasted Butternut Squash Risotto by adding this pesto as a finishing touch.

- Giving the classic Moules Frites a twist using the pesto to add a fruity-sweet flavour.

- Transforming the northern Italian classic, Bagna Cauda, with this pesto as a flavourful dip.

- Enriching a Rabbit & Aubergine Stew with a hint of rosemary, white wine, chardonnay vinegar, and our Sicilian-Inspired Pesto.

- Dressing a Bitter Leaf & Blue Cheese Salad with Castelfranco, chicory, and endive using this pesto as part of the dressing.

- Mixing it with the meat in a Pastilla (a Moroccan pastry with meat such as lamb, chicken, duck, or jackfruit)

You can find Angela Hartnett's Sicilian-Inspired Pesto at Sainsbury's, Ocado and on our website.




Angela Hartnett's Sicilian-Inspired Pesto