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Mixed Olives

Pitted Ilios Olive Mix


Appropriately named after the Greek word for sun - ilios. This mix contains pitted Chalkidiki olives grown in the sun-drenched hillsides of Greece mixed with tree-ripened purple olives. The large, firm to the bite texture of the Chalkidiki provides a...

Pitted Vinci® Olives


Big, green, crisp Chalkidiki olives with peppers and mushrooms. Our top-rated olive mix at the Great Taste awards, with savoury notes from herbs de Provence and garlic. One of the original mixes in the Belazu stable, back when we were known as...

Italian Olive Mix


Four classic Italian olives in one bowl, offering an interesting contrast between flavours and textures:  Huge green Bella di Cerignola from PugliaSmall, purple Nostraline from PugliaLarge, bright, green Nocellara from SicilyPurple Giarraffa from...

Mixed Pitted Olives


Uslu and Beldi olives in a classic herbes de Provence dressing. The herbs add a distinctive fragrance, but without overpowering the taste of the fruity Uslu and the clean, crisp Beldi. Simple but highly effective, we think.Storage: Chilled

Pitted Harlequin® Olives


Pitted Chalkidiki and Uslu olives, with red peppers, garlic and a touch of chilli. The Harlequin was a character from the Italian Commedia Dell'artre movement of the 17th century. He was characterized by his chequered costume and would often...