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Browse our whole range, from Apple Vinegar to Zhoug. We’re proud to supply every single one of the UK’s leading kitchens and the products listed here are the same as those being used in top-rated restaurants all over the country. Our pastes, condiments, spice mixes, oils, vinegars, grains and snacks hold over 140 great taste stars between them. Our signature Rose Harissa and Truffle & Pecorino Nut Mix are even among the chosen few to receive three stars each, so if you’re new to the range, try one of them first.


Mustard Mayonnaise


Inspired by French Dijonaise and then Belazu-ified! Our new velvety mustard mayonnaise is made with French Grape Must Mustard, adding sweetness and warmth with a subtle spice. We used our one-of-a-kind mustard made using grape must to add a...

Romeo Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Single varietal extra virgin olive oil made from Cornicabra olives.Our long-term olive oil partner Eduard takes Cornicabra olives from the La Mancha region, and blends them into a robust, structured oil that is ideal for everyday use.With its fruity...

Dried Pappardelle pasta


Pappardelle is a wide, ribbon-like pasta, which is perfect when combined with rich meaty sauces. Made in Sardinia, this pasta is made using 100 % Italian Durum wheat, which is only used by a handful of producers. It is then carefully dried at low...

Dried Spaghetti Pasta


Made in Sardinia, using 100% Italian Durum wheat, this Spaghetti is dried pasta at low temperatures to develop a unique flavour profile.  Usages: Perfect with classic dishes such as Carbonara and Cacio e pepe Combine with clams and white wine,...

Oil and Vinegar Gift Set


Complete your kitchen cupboards with our 1.34 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and our Early Harvest Olive Oil made from Spanish Arbequina olives, essentials for any budding chef or home cook. Our Early Harvest is a single varietal, stone crushed, cold...

Smoked Paprika - Hot


What differentiates Belazu’s hot paprika from its sweet counterpart is the use of Spanish hot Jeromin peppers rather than the sweet Ñora varietal. Using the traditional method, the stalk and seeds of the Jeromin peppers are removed before...

White Wine Vinegar


Made with 25% grape must for a balanced, natural sweetness and 75% smooth French Chardonnay wine for a light floral flavour.Use neat to dress crunchy green vegetables, lightly pickle onions or vegetables, add to marinades or use to finish seafood.

Pitted Gordal Olives


Gordal roughly translates as 'little fat one' in Spanish, an obvious reference to its size. These are grown in Andalucia where over 30,000 hectares are devoted to this one cultivar. They are also known as Bella di Spagna" "Morcal de Limon" and...

Tomate Triturado


Made in Ribera Navarra in the North of Spain, Tomate Triturado is produced using 100% fresh vegetables. Ripe tomatoes are picked and concentrated at low temperatures to preserve texture and consistency. Packed full of high quality fresh tomatoes, this...

Tomato & Olive Tapenade


Grilled and sun dried peppers, black olives, sun-dried tomatoes, capers & lemon juice are combined to give a rustic texture as perfect for a French baguette as it is for spooning over chicken and grilling. Usages: Spoon over roast chicken...



Finest grade cornichons, grown in Spain. Sitting somewhere between sweet and acidic, cornichons have a delicate flavour all on their own. The crunch also offers a textural difference that enhances both foods. A traditional accompaniment for...

Moscatel Vinegar


Single varietal wine vinegar made from Moscatel dessert wine grapes, famed for their sweet floral taste. Moscatel vinegar is yellow-gold in colour with a perfumed flavour that is sweet and sour all at once, with notes of honey and long finish.Usages:It...

Chardonnay Vinegar


Spanish single-varietal wine vinegar, made in Catalonia from locally grown Chardonnay grapes. The vinegar is aged in French oak casks with added cooked grape must to take the sting out of the acidity and round off the flavour. It is a real departure...

Tomato and Sage Pesto


Based on Sardinian flavour combinations, this is a nut free, warm, sweet blend of semi-dried tomatoes, pecorino and sage. The flavours work well straight from the jar, as well as  with winter vegetables, beans and soups. Usages: Add to a...

Balsamic Pearls


Tiny jelly-enclosed spheres of Balsamic vinegar, that explode with flavour when you bite them. Adds a touch of theatre and excitement to salads.The balsamic vinegar within is our 1.17 Balsamic Vinegar of Modena, IGP, one of the sharper balsamics we...

Belazu Gift Box


Our new web-exclusive hamper brings you 11 award-winning ingredients, with 10 of the products having won 17 great taste stars between them. This hamper has been crafted to include all the Belazu favourites, arriving in a carefully designed box, making a...